Flora and Fauna

The Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary is not only a wonderful spot for birds, but it provides a peaceful environment for an array of wildlife.  

Birds aren't the only thing you'll see at the BWBS! 

Throughout the summer we frequently have families of White-tailed Deer visit and reside within the sanctuary for a week or so. 

We have had families of Black Bears in our large Oak Tree on the lower trail. Black Bears infrequently visit the BWBS, but giving us a heads up before you visit by booking an appointment, gives us the chance to warn you if there have been bear sightings. 

Our property is home to a spectacular variety of insects and arachnids. If you have an interest in bees, wasps, and hornets check out the Globe Thistle patch to the left side of the trail right before you reach the Lookout. 


The Trees

A rich diversity of tree species occurs throughout the grounds of BWBS. Many of the trees are considered mature with heights reaching over 45 meters and several with a diameter over 1 meter. The tree species include: groves of Western Larch, Western Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, White Fir, Douglas-Fir, Engelmann Spruce, Western Yew, Juniper, Bristle Cone Pine, Manitoba Maple, Trembling Aspen, Black Locust, White & Water Birch, Mountain Ash, White Ash, Ohio Buckeye, Japanese Maple, Sugar Maple, and four species of Oak: English, Red, White, and Bur. We have several Pacific Willow trees; one of which is the largest recorded in all of British Columbia, with an astounding 194 inch circumference! 

The Gardens

The Native Plant Garden displays a plethora of beautiful plant species, many with medicinal properties and have great importance to the Okanagan people. 

The Butterfly Garden, in contrast, holds mostly foreign species that provides a exquisite feeding grounds for pollinators. 



Photography by Brandon E. Moeller

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