The History of Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary

The Legend of Lydia Bishop

The Bishop Wild Bird Foundation was formed in 1980, at the request of Miss Lydia Bishop, a long-time resident of Coldstream. In 1981 the Foundation received title to the property and its mission was born: to acquire, enhance, and manage environmentally sensitive lands and properties in the North Okanagan for the benefit of Wildlife and the education of children and naturalists. The foundation strives to find ever better ways to reconnect people, and especially children, with the natural habitats of birds and other wildlife. 

The original house on the property, named Miktow, was built in 1904 and burned to the ground in 1960. The existing house was constructed in 1962. Outbuildings include turn-of-the-20th-century horse stable and a single garage (circa 1904), a screened-in cabin, a woodshed and a boathouse. 

You can read more in depth about the history of BWBS here.

The Boat House 1965

The Bishop House 1960


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