Resident Caretakers

Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary, Resident Caretakers

As well as the resident wild birds who call BWBS home, and the migratory birds who pass through, four humans are resident caretakers to the sanctuary, maintaining the property in ways that best benefit wild birds and animals.

Aaron Deans, BSc, MSc, is a wildlife biologist who specializes in terrestrial animals and avian wildlife. As well as working independently as a consulting biologist, Aaron is Executive Director of Allan Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon, BC. Aaron is responsible for tree health and pruning, all manner of property and trail maintenance, and was the lead on transforming a 4000 square foot lawn into a Native Plant Garden for wild bird food and habitat. He's the guy who knows the most about the resident and migratory birds, their behaviours and their habitat.

Laisha Rosnau, MFA, is a novelist, poet, editor, and Creative Writing instructor at UBC Okanagan. Laisha leads most school tours around the property, with the help of amazing summer students each year, organizes special events and volunteers, and does a lot of the gardening and landscaping on-site. She is continually grateful for the generosity of volunteers, especially the "Fairy Gardenmothers" who take such care of the Native Plant Garden and Butterfly Garden. The birds, deer, and bears who pass through the sanctuary often turn up in Laisha's writing.

Jonah and Amalia Deans are Junior Caretakers at the sanctuary, and have lived here since they were babies. They know the best trees to climb, places to build forts, and hiding spots around the property. 


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